Event - Triple Crown #2 - Side Out Champs

Location: South Melbourne

Date: Dec 18th

Entries Open: Sun 11th Dec @ 12:00 AM
Entries Close: Thu 15th Dec @ 08:00 PM

Registration Information

Vic Beach is running the worlds first Alternate Rules Beach Volleyball Triple Crown.

The Idea being that we run 3 different events as part of a triple crown and we build a ladder based on your individual results from each event.  The events will all be run on separate days and there is no requirement for you to play in all of them.

 The Events are:

#1 - King/Queen of the Beach. Each game is played with a different partner.

#2 – No Jumping. All games are played on a full 8x8m court with a womens height net. It is anything goes beach volleyball, but with no jumping to attack, block or serve. Jumping is allowed in defence, but not to intentionally attack the ball over the net. This should be entertaining.

#3 – Side out Champs – Old School rules, 9x9m court, no antennas, no let serves... I think Brett will have to help me with the rest of the rules.  

More details to follow.

Entries have closed.


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