Event - VA Eligibility Event #2

Location: South Melbourne

Date: Dec 10th

Entries Open: Sat 2nd Dec @ 12:00 AM
Entries Close: Thu 7th Dec @ 12:00 AM

Registration Information

Registrations on game day are taken between 8am and 8.30am sharp.
Matches commence at 9am.

The Volleyball Australia Eligibility Events - Some important news about the Vic Beach Ranking Tour (Vic beach tour) and Volleyball Australia Beach Tour (VA beach tour) for 2017/18.


Who does this impact?

AAA players only who are looking to play on the Volleyball Australia Beach Tour


What do you need to do?

Read the below information in detail, decide which events you are going to play on the VA beach tour, and ensure that you have played in the required event(s) locally (either the Vic Beach Ranking Tour and/or the National Eligibility Events)


More information about the background and changes:


Volleyball Australia (VA) have recently released the 2017/18 version of the handbook for their beach tour and there are a few things in that document that have a difficult impact on Victorian athletes’ due to the way that I run the ranking events, through the Vic Beach tour.


VA will not sanction/register our beach tour because we are still using the Wilson beach volleyball after more than 10 years. VA has signed a heavily binding contract with Mikasa that forbids them from registering/sanctioning any tour or event not using their contracted beach volleyball.


VA have also brought in a new rule that is designed to encourage participation in state tours, such as the Vic Beach Ranking Tour. The rule states that you must play in registered state events before you will be allowed to play on the VA Beach Tour. The VA Beach tour being a conglomeration of most of the state opens.  The idea being that if all the teams that played on the VA Beach Tour played locally as well, then the local tours would be much stronger. This is a new rule, and the flow on impacts some states more dramatically and in different ways than others. Ideally, the new rule is in the interest of the greater good of the sport in this country, but it does highlight the things that we do differently here in Vic and causes us some headaches.


The Rule states that:

“2.3.1 Any Australian team entering into an ABVT Division 1 event, each player must have EITHER:


-  Played in 1 registered State Event in any State prior to NSW Open or 2 events prior to the SA, WA & ACT Opens or;

- Have competed in at least 1 AVC or FIVB event within 3 months prior to the 1st  competition day of the entered State Open “


Currently we have no registered state events so this becomes more difficult and rather expensive for Victorian athletes to compete on the VA Beach Tour as we would have to travel interstate to play another state’s local event to qualify for a VA beach tour event.


The solution to this is to allow the Vic Beach Ranking Tour’s Round 1 and 2 to be registered and then for Vic Beach to run two more registered events using the Mikasa ball, in addition to the 10 Ranking Rounds already on our calendar (which use the Wilson). These 2 events, the VA Eligibility Events, will be the basis for the registered and sanctioned VA Approved Vic Tour that that they will use to allow entry into the VA Beach Tour and dictate team seeding at these state open events.


So, to satisfy this new rule, you must:

For the NSW open  -

1. Play Round 1 and/or Round 2 of the Vic Tour.


For the SA, WA or ACT opens -

1. Play Round 1 or Round 2 of the Vic Tour.

2. Play either Event 1 and/or Event 2 of the VA Eligibility Events.

(You will need to play in at least 2 events and you can only count either round 1 or Round 2)


The events will be open for AAA players only who are looking to play on the VA Beach Tour. The dates selected for these events are:


                Event 1 - 26th November 2017 and


                Event 2 - 10th December 2017.


Entries will open one week before the event as per usual. Entry will be $40 per person and prize money will be the standard amount of $200 for 1st and $200 for 2nd, unless entries for that division do not cover prize money.


The VA Beach Tour needs the athletes that are coming out of Victoria. We provide a significant proportion of the athletes who play on the VA Beach Tour. It is also important for us to play on the VA Beach Tour so that we get a good understanding of where we, as athletes, sit in the grander scheme of things. VA knows all of this and that is why we are all working together to ensure that no-one misses out on the opportunity of having you play in these events.


Another rule that is causing some concern is this one:



4.4.1 Players may face sanctions if competing in a non-sanctioned event. Permission is expressly granted for players wishing to participate in:

- VA sanctioned beach volleyball competitions and events

- VA-sanctioned SSO beach volleyball competitions and events

- An event delivered by a SSO Sanctioned private promoter

- Non-conflicting FIVB Sanctioned events.


Fortunately VA has already supplied Vic Beach with a letter saying that: “Volleyball Australia is happy to confirm that no athlete will be sanctioned by Volleyball Australia for participating in any Vic Beach Activity over the 2017/18 summer. “


VA are working hard to build a solid and true national tour and, hopefully, all of these steps are towards a unified future.



Entries opening soon.


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