Event - Lorne Classic

Location: Lorme Main Beach

Date: Apr 13th - 14th

Entries Open: Sat 6th Apr @ 12:00 AM
Entries Close: Wed 10th Apr @ 08:00 PM

Registration Information

The Lorne Classic is just around the corner, it. It sure is crazy how fast the season has flown past.

The Lorne Classic is of the funnest events on the calendar and a great way to say thanks and see you later to Summer.
Please read all of this information:

It’s on the 13th and 14th of April with Pairs on Saturday and (hungover) Fours on Sunday. You can enter as a team, or as an individual but you must enter. (I have a terrible memory, so please make sure that you register via the website and not just tell me when you see me, I will forget).

You must enter as I need to bring all the courts and balls and stuff down in my car and it’s a bit far to scoot home for an extra bit of kit.

Entry is done by the website. If you are entering alone, or you are missing someone from your fours team, please just make up a name and please make it obvious for me that it's a made up name and I’ll sort it out. If you need to make changes, (find a partner), please email me: Al@vicbeach.com.au

We will make everything work on the day in terms of the draw and partnerships and teams. Who knows exactly what will happen, but we will adjust the draws and comps and such to cater for most of the whims of most of the people who register and come along.

Saturday night we will have a social gathering at one of the houses, including pizza, beer and cider all provided for you guys.

Set up on Saturday morning from 8am for those feeling helpful, but make sure that you are there by 9am so we can kick things off asap.

Set up on Sunday morning from 9am for those feeling energetic, but make sure that you are there by 10am so we can kick things off quickly and then get egg and bacon rolls from the bakery up the road.

Entry is $20 for each day you decide to play and will be collected in the morning on the beach.

That is all for now.

Looking forward to a fun weekend.


Entries opening soon.


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