There are so many different ways to play beach volleyball in Victoria. So many ways to learn and have fun. Below is a basic pathway of where you can go and what you do.

Sunset Sessions:

Never seen a beach volleyball before?

You should start at Sunset Sessions. These are social beach volleyball trainings designed to teach you the basics skills, rules and movements required to play beach volleyball. No need to book in, just turn up at South Melbourne beach and the fun starts at 6:30pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Contact al for more details.


Too old for Beach play, but too young to play with the grown-ups at Sunset Sessions?

The Vic Beach Volleyball Academy is the place for you. Amazing coaches, great students and a strong and positive vibe. These guys have a good history of creating better beach volleyball athletes. They train Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Contact Brett for more information or visit the website

Republica Beach volleyball Competition:

Know what a beach volleyball is, but get lost on the court with just two people and like pizza?

The Republica Beach volleyball competition sounds like where you should head. It’s a four a side mixed social beach volleyball event that also happens every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Theres’s tunes pumping, beach volleyball fun and after the games are done, every team gets a delightful Republica pizza to share and a beer to drink. Registration is a must, as this event is very popular. Contact al for more details.

Major Events:

Are you ready for to play the big events?

Anyone can enter the major events, they aren’t as frightening as they sound. I can assure you that the boys and girls in the top grade can be quite daunting to play against, but that is ok as we have generally 3-4 grades running at each event. This way you can be sure to find people of around the same level as you to play against. Entries for each event must be in by the Thursday before the event. The major events are all day events and are held at South Melbourne beach. The calendar of events can be found here. Contact al for more details.

Alternatively, there are indoor beach centers in Geelong, Dandenong, Altona and Sandringham. Please see the “where to play” page of this site.

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