Entries For Next Event

Please note: If you have entered and your team name does not appear in the following list please contact VicBeach IMMEDIATELY. If you do not get in touch with us to advise us that your entry is missing we will not accept any excuses after entries have closed.

Next Event Details

Beginner & Intermediate Pre-Season Training Camp
South Melbourne

This is a beginner and Intermediate level Camp run by Big Al and friends.

We will have 3 x 2hr sessions over both Saturday and Sunday.



Price is $60 for the Weekend, or $20 per class.

Registrations will be taken via the website.

Please make a note in the Wildcard section to let me know sessions you wish to attend.

Entries Received So Far

  • Alyssa Levy
  • Angela Flynn
  • Auke Knuman
  • Benj So
  • David Hammersley
  • David Warmington
  • Ella Ruuskanen
  • Goldie Wong
  • Jacqueline Cheng
  • James Ting
  • Jessica Payne
  • Julius Chen
  • Lara Pascoe
  • Lindi Holder
  • Maribel Law
  • Nestor Fabian Davila
  • Nicole Comley
  • Nicole Cooke
  • Paul Swift
  • Ramzi Hossari
  • Reiner Koedteritzsch
  • Richard Edge
  • Sara Azer
  • Simon Dormer
  • Sutina Wipawiwat
  • Tara Goss
  • Tasman Murray
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