Want music and beer and pizza and fun beach volleyball right on St Kildas main beach?

Shake off your workplace blues and head down to Republica at St Kilda beach!

Beginners welcome!

Smack bang in front of the St Kilda Sea Baths - complete with funky tunes, this is the most "fun" Beach Volleyball experience you can find. All teams and individuals welcome (first in best dressed) for weekly beach volleyball tournaments. So gather up your work mates, your other mates, or enter on your own and we'll hook you up.

Each participant will receive a free Corona beer, wine or softie from Republica as well as a pizza for each team to share at the end of the night.


When:    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!!             

               Check in from 6pm - matches start as soon as possible after that.

Cost:      $80/team = $20/player or $15/student

We have 2 loosely graded divisions, these are not strictly adhered to and we will do our best to match you up against teams of the same level as you so you have the most fun possible.

To enter or for more info:  al@vicbeach.com.au 

Call Big Al - 0422 242 308 

Check our facebook page for more info.



Here are the specifics of the nights:

Here is some information about what we do. Please contact me if you have any questions.

The Republica Beach Volleyball competition is a social, 4-a-side, mixed (at least one girl), weekly beach volleyball competition. We run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night throughout Summer. If you come and play with us you will get funky tunes, mad volleyball fun, our awesome staff and some remarkably good Republica pizza and Corona beer after we are done. We try to kick things off around 6pm even though we officially we start at 6:30, we get limited time with the sun setting so early and we want to start as soon as we have enough teams ready to go. If you can't make it early or on time, let me know that you are coming along and I will keep a spot open for you in the draw and give your team a game in the second round.

Each team will play at least 3 x 20min games per night, we aim to give more, but it depends upon the number of teams registered. When the sun goes down we stop playing and head in to Republica where their delightful staff supplies each team with a yummo pizza to share and each player with an Corona beer (or wine/softie).

Republica volleyball is not like a normal comp, you don't rock up for just one game and head home; you turn up for the night. The draw is created by the guy in charge (me) on the night for the teams that have registered for that night. I do my best to match up skill levels so everyone has (hopefully) great games every time. We do 20 minute games. Each team gets at least 3 games, so a minimum of 1 hr of play. Usually you play a game, watch a game, play a game, and so on for the night, but some days you get to play all night long...

The cost is $20 per person ($15 for students) up to $80 per team, so 3 people cost $60 and 6 people costs $80. It's cheaper to have more people, but you have to share the pizza with more people. Match fees are paid every night that you play. There is a one off registration fee of $10 per person to cover insurance for the year.

The registration process for our comp is a little different to most competitions. We ask teams to register for each time that they want to play. This allows you guys to have the freedom to not come if you think that the weather is shoddy, or your nanna is in town, or some other equally important excuse for not coming down. I have to arrange to have courts and balls and umpires on hand to cater for the teams that are coming, so if I don't know that you are coming down, I may not have space for you.

I will send an email out to all of you on the Sunday/Monday of every week. If you would like to play, just reply to that email with the day you wish to play and your team name. You can register at any time up to about lunch time on the day of the event. The Republica Beach Volleyball Comp is such good fun that on some nights we fill up completely, so register early to avoid disappointment.

We encourage players to come along by themselves; teams regularly turn up with an incomplete team and when they arrive they grab a new friend for the night. It is difficult for me to keep track of who requires a team mate in advance and I generally only find out on the night so if you wanna play you should just come along. We can also get a group of friendless people together and make a new team. It's all very flexible and fun. We always get everyone a game.

If the weather conditions are no fun at all, you don’t want to be there and I don’t want to be there, so we will cancel those days. I will email our team contacts by 5pm. If we cancel after 5pm, we will send out an sms to registered teams as well.

All of our players are required to be a member of MBVA (Melbourne Beaches Volleyball Association) to be covered by our insurance. It’s only $10 for the season, but super important that we get you all registered. We have fought long and hard to keep the insurance at only $10 for you guys, so please make sure that you complete the process. Please ask al / Cary ann / Tamara for information on how to register on the night.

One small note on Alcohol. You are not allowed to bring alcohol out of Republica's licensed area and on to the board walk. You also cannot bring alcohol from outside into Republica. Please respect this one, it’s pretty bad form to disrespect the guys who look after us so well with beer and pizza every week, it’s also very illegal, and we could all get in some serious poop if we get busted . You are allowed to bring your own beers from home to drink on the boardwalk, but you can't drink them after 8pm. My experience is that most of the teams that bring their own beers have finished them by that time anyway. And as avid beach users we do try to keep all the glass off the sand.

The information that I would love to have is:

Your name,

Team Name,

A contact phone number.


See you on the sand.



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