Melbourne Beaches Volleyball  Association

The Melbourne Beaches Volleyball Association events are broken into 3 major categories: The MBVA Ranking Series, the MBVA Community Series and Vic Beach Mid-week Social events.

Vic Beach Ranking Series in association with MBVA

This series caters for all ability levels - from B Grade, through A, AA and then the top of the pops - AAA.  All players receive ranking points which go to determine the best players in Victoria. This series is the official grading pathway within the state and feeds into the national ranking system.

This year there are 10 Ranking Events plus the Victorian Junior Championships and the Victorian Masters Cup. 

VicBeach Community Series

These events aim to stimulate the culture of the sport by offering a variety of formats (e.g. mixed pairs, fancy dress 4-a-side, and King/Queen of the Beach). Such events highlight the social and fun aspects of our game and are the community builders that set this sport apart from many others.

Midweek Republica Tournaments

Mixed 4-a-side Beach Volleyball every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for work mates, social friends and individuals. Complete with lights for when it gets dark, funky music, free drinks for all, free pizza for all plus prizes  at the end of each season (December and March).  Sounds like fun because it is!!  Click here for more information. 



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