Big things are happening at Vic Beach this season! The word on the street is that Vic Beach is changing its weapon of choice from Wilson to Mikasa. Wilson Beach Volleyballs have been synonymous with the Vic Tour for such a long time, they have been amazing and we thank them for their help over the past decade of tournaments, training and good old fashioned fun.

It is now time to look to the future and align our events with the national pathway and the national events and we look forward to a new era with the Mikasa VLS300

The change to Mikasa Beach Volleyballs will ensure that our tour will be sanctioned by Volleyball Victoria and Volleyball Australia, and will mean that our best and brightest will have their results recognized and rationalized against those from the other states and hopefully giving them bigger and better opportunities in both national and international competitions.

We are still unsure if the fabulous Vic Open will be part of the national tour this year, but with the new ball, it will definitely have national ranking points on offer (along with so much cash and prizes that it make my eyes hurt to look at what we are giving away!).

It also means that all of last year’s Vic results will be counted by the National Rating System so all of our athletes will be back on a level playing field at the start of every state and national competition.

One side benefit is that all of the Republica folks will have shiny new toys play with and to kick into the ocean.

All in all it should be a big leap forward in all the things that matter mostly the background. I am looking forward for a big season on the sand chasing a different coloured round thing.

Unfortunately we are not buying a big batch and selling them on at wholesale prices, the best and cheapest way I know to get them is to see our friends at the Australian Volleyball Warehouse.