Hey volleyball peeps,

Hope you are all happy safe and well in these strange times.

I have built up an iso-challenge to keep the wonderful people of Vic Beach happy, motivated and moving whilst in lockdown. You guys being part of the community are invited to be part of the fun.

If you are keen, jump onto the Vic Beach facebook page and join in.


The Vic Beach Corona Challenge is simple: Everyday at 10am, for 4 weeks, I will release the new challenge for the day. It will include a Fitness Challenge and/or a Volleyball Challenge and/or some other fun activity for you to complete.

Some of them you just do, some will be for time, some will be a competition some will just be to keep you active and entertained. Each activity will have a score associated with it and the person with the most points at the end of the 4 weeks will score a brand new Mikasa Beach Volleyball, (I’ll post it to you anywhere in the world) and second place gets a Vic Beach cap.

I have built a spreadsheet on google sheets. If you want to take part in the VBCC, just pop your name on the spreadsheet and then everyday, once you have completed the challenge, mark off that it’s complete.


Some of the challenges will require video proof and some will be first to complete gets maximum points. I am yet to lock down the points schedule, it will depend a little on how many people are playing along at home, but most likely it will be something like this. For the completion activities, when you complete it, you get a point. For the competition activities, the top person will get 5 points, 2nd will get 4 points… and so forth that 5th and beyond all get 1 point. If we get lots of players, we may do the top 5 get 5 points, the next 5 get 4 points and so on…

You can join up at any time during the 4 weeks.

If we have a tie at the end, I will devise an online comp to sort out the winner.

We are kicking off on Monday the 4th of May, 2020.

Oh, and entry is free of course.

Please pass this on to your team mates.