There is lots of news coming this week.

Here is one for all of the Ranking series athletes out there – The hand book and a new seeding policy!

I have rebuilt the tour Handbook for the season and it’s ready for you to read to understand the rules and laws around how the events are run.

The most important change from last year is that we are changing our seeding policy. We are updating it to now use your best 6 results from the previous 365 days of competition here in Victoria, rather than just the current season’s results. Hopefully it allows us to be a little more consistent with our seeding for our events.

We will still have the same promotion and relegation process for moving up and down between divisions.

We are also the way that each division gets seed points for it’s results. Seed points refer to where you place in your division and the tournament. Currently if you place 3rdin AAA you get 3 points. We average out your seed points to figure out where you sit in an event. For example: If you get a 3rd and a 2nd, then your average is (3+2)/2=2.5.

The trouble starts when you hit AA, if you get 1st in AA, what is your seed index? Currently it is always 7, so equal to last in AAA, unless AAA has 12 teams, then 1st in AA is worth much better than last in AAA. I am changing this overlap in seed point allocation between divisions to make it more dynamic. I have figured out a schedule that gives the starting seed for any division based on the number of teams in the division above.

Hopefully this provides us all with a smoother and more accurate seeding process that helps me get all of you into the correct division for every tournament for the season.

Please ask if you have any prickly questions...

Finger crossed!