Beach Volleyball on Altona Beach!

We are on winter break!

We'll kick back up hopefully around the start of October!

Join us next to the pier, in the heart of Altona's main beach! We've built two permanent nets for the community to enjoy, simply BYO ball and a few mates.  Make sure to check-in using the QR code on the posts to keep yourselves and our community COVID safe. Please read the Vic Beach Covid Safety Plan before you sign up for activities.

What's on at Altona | 2021-22 beach volleyball season

4-a-side sunset social games - Tuesday & Thursday nights

Shake off your workplace blues and join us on the Altona beach! When you come and play with us you will get funky tunes, mad volleyball fun, our awesome staff, some remarkably good Numero Uno pizza plus a drink of your choice… and possibly an addiction to beach volleyball.

All teams and individuals are welcome (first in best dressed). So gather up your workmates, your best mates, and those other mates, or enter on your own and we'll hook you up. 

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday night
  • 6pm start - until sunset
  • $20/person includes at least 3 games of volleyball and pizza & drink
  • 4-a-side, mixed genders (boys & girls), social competition
  • Beginners and families welcome - relaxed rules with a focus on fun!
  • Pizza and a drink @ Numero Uno's afterward (complementary)

Got more questions about social 4s? Check out our detailed FAQs below.
>Register your interest via the form to the right and we'll be in touch to confirm your spot closer to the date.

Saturday training sessions - Beginner & Intermediate levels welcome

Brand new to volleyball, still getting the hang of it or looking to refine some skills?

Join our Saturday training sessions at Altona beach for beginner and intermediate players to help you take your game to the next (or first) level. You’ll need to bring some cash to pay the coach, some comfortable clothes and accessories to suit the conditions of the day, and an open mind for some learning.

  • Every Saturday morning @ Altona beach
  • 8:00am - 9:30am
  • $20/person

Due to Covid all of our classes need to be booked as spaces are limited. 
> Register your interest via the form to the right and we'll be in touch to confirm your spot closer to the date.

4-a-side FAQ's

Accordion: (This note will not be shown on live page. Grey backgrounds also not visible on live site. Just used to illustrate the question versus the answer.)

  • What is this thing?
    The Altona Beach Volleyball competition is a social, 4-a-side, mixed, weekly beach volleyball competition. We run every Tuesday and Thursday night unless the weather is poops!
  • What do I get?
    At least 3 x 20 minute games of Beach Volleyball, a pizza to share with your team and a drink at Numero Uno Pizza! We always try to get you at least 4 games, but it depends on how many teams turn up,
  • What time does it kick off?
    We meet at 6pm and start as soon as possible after that. If you can’t make 6pm, then we will just give you the first round off and you can join in when you get there. Just make sure to let us know that you are coming along so he can save you a spot.
  • What does all of this cost?
    Only $20 per person! You only have to pay for yourself so, if you bring along an incomplete team then you still only pay for the people who come along, not for the team. This cost covers the entire night, including the beach volley, beer and pizza! We only do cash.
  • Do I really get food as well?
    Yup, really, you get a pizza to share with your team and a drink at the end of the night – Corona/wine/Soft drink
  • Can I just play volleyball and pay less??
    Unfortunately no. We provide the food and drinks as a free bonus so that you have a wonderful night's entertainment. You don’t have to come in and enjoy, but it won’t make it any cheaper, so you should just come on in :)
  • How do I register?

    Email. It’s all done via email. – – or use the contact form on the website.

    Once you are on the Altona mailing list, I will email you every Sunday evening and you just reply if you want to come down and play that week. This gives you the freedom to not come if you think that the weather is crap, or your hair needs a wash, or whatever it is you do that is more important.

    Based on the number of teams registered for each night, we arrange to have the right number of courts and umpires on hand to cater for you. So if we don't know that you are coming down, we may not have space, so it’s best to register to avoid disappointment, especially on beautiful nights when everyone wants to play!
  • Do you ever cancel because of the Weather?
    Yes, If the weather is awful and none of us want to be there we cancel those days. We email our team contacts by 5pm at the latest. If we cancel after 5pm, we will send out an SMS to registered teams as well. We also post on the Altona Beach Volleyball page:
  • Where do we meet?
    Head to Altona Main beach, to the right of the big Pier, at the 2 big beach volleyball courts. You’ll see us setting everything up– just head toward the biggest crowd gathering by the nets and you’ve found us!
  • What should I bring?
    Wear sports gear for the sand that you are comfortable sports in, bring layers for warmth between games and at the end of the night. Water and a pair of sunnies are usually super helpful.
  • What if I’ve never played volleyball before?
    You sound perfect for Altona Beach Volley! We run a very fun and social competition. it’s a great way to get started playing Beach Volleyball. All of the participants were at one stage exactly where you are and usually very friendly and helpful. Beginners are always welcome and our umpires will gladly jump in to give you some advice, tips or tricks to ensure you feel comfortable and have a great time!
  • What if I don’t have a team?
    We can sort that out for you. Teams regularly turn up incomplete on the night and we play match-maker for those looking to join in! Simply meet us at the beach for 6pm and let us know you’re looking for a team. We also regularly get a group of solo players together and form a new team on the night. It's all very flexible and fun. We always do our best to get everyone a game!
  • How often do I have to play?
    We are the best kind of sport and ask for no commitment. You can play as often as you like, whenever you like; Tuesday one week and Thursday the next. It’s completely up to you. All that we ask is that you tell us when you are coming along.
  • How is this different to normal social sport?
    Well, you don’t just rock up for one game and then head home. You stay and play for the night. We don’t have forfeit fees, if you don’t turn up, that’s ok. You don’t have to cover the costs of a team. We love it when you come along with half a team. We will sort it out for you.
  • Am I covered if I get injured?

    Yes, but you need to register for it to apply.

    All of our players are required to be a member of MBVA (Melbourne Beaches Volleyball Association) to be covered by our insurance. It’s only $12 for the season, but super important that we get you all registered. We have fought long and hard to keep the insurance at only $12 for you guys, so please make sure that you complete the process.

    To register, click the link below and follow the prompts.

    The insurance you want is the $12 social membership. If you decide later on that volleyball is amazing (which it is), you can always upgrade your membership to be able to play more events.


To enter or for more info contact us via email - 

- or join us on Facebook - Altona Beach Volleyball