Lockdown #2 - Covid 19

So, with the reintroduction of Covid 19 lockdowns here in sunny Victoria, it pains me to say that South Melbourne Beach is again closed. I am still waiting on word from the council if I need to remove the nets again. All training sessions and social hits are cancelled.
There are some things you can do to help.
Please don't use the nets.
Maintain your social distancing.
Wash your hands.
Install the Covid 19 tracing app on your phone.
Let's do all of the things that help us get out of this faster.
We are all in this together, let's work as a team and get through this.
It's a difficult time for us all. I'm here if anyone needs a chat or a friend.


Vic Beach provides fun and competitive beach volleyball at all levels of the sport. From beginners to international players, you'll find a welcoming community, a brilliant coach or two, some eye-opening training sessions, and competitive tournaments to ensure you enjoy your time on our beaches.

Simply want to have fun?

Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for Mixed 4-a-side Beach Volleyball. Work mates, social friends and individuals are all welcome. No experience required, we’re all about having fun and happy to give you a few tips if you like. What to expect? Funky music, a free drink, free pizza and many laughs. Sounds like fun, because it is!!

Need team building or some fun colleague rivalry?

Engage your team, build stronger communication, relief stress and enhance wellness. We customise each event to your needs, starting out with a mini-training session and then breaking out into social games. Ditch the desk for the beach and feel the difference in your team instantly.

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