Melbourne Beaches Volleyball Association - MBVA

MBVA is based in South Melbourne, Victoria and serves the beach volleyball community throughout the Port Phillip Bay and greater Melbourne community.

Established in 2011, our goal is to help guide the growth of beach volleyball in our region by providing a support network for players at all levels including a robust knowledge base among coaches, pathways to success for youth and beginners, and a continued high standard of play that is expected from beach volleyball in Victoria.

MBVA’s mission is to support Melbourne’s beach volleyball community and its players by providing information, advice and playing opportunities year-round and for all levels of ability.  Since the 2011-2012 season, MBVA has collaborated with VicBeach, who are the face of beach volleyball in Victoria and we rely on their experience and exceptional event management knowledge to ensure we maintain the same high standards that our players have come to expect from beach volleyball in our community.  

MBVA is an incorporated association with Consumer Affairs Victoria No (A0056758C), and have adopted Model rules for an incorporated association MBVA V1.0.doc, which includes:

  • Holding an annual general meeting of the Association within 5 months after the end of each financial year (30thJune)
  • Lodgement of a financial statement with Consumer Affairs Victoria  

2023-2024 MBVA Committee Members 

  • President – Paul Swift
  • Vice President – Rod Hutchings
  • Secretary – Denise Shingles
  • Treasurer – Diana Oldehus
  • VicBeach Representative – Allister Lyne
  • Committee –
    • Marije Stolwijk,
    • Mark Famous,
    • Matthew Latham,
    • Liza Gelt,
    • Bernard McInerney,
    • Eske McIntosh,
    • Brett Middlin,
    • Tasman Murray,
    • Giulio Serripierri,

Click here to see the Working With Children Check list for the MBVA Committee

MBVA is an affiliated association with Volleyball Victoria and as such, we need to:

  • Be a registered incorporation
  • Have a Constitution (Model rules for an incorporated association MBVA V1.0.doc)
  • Have an active working committee structure
  • Ensure all participating members are registered as an individual member with Volleyball Victoria (via MBVA membership)
  • Pay affiliation fee
  • Complete affiliation forms
  • Compliant with all state and federal legislation relating to policies (including member protection, child safe standards etc)
  • Actively engage with Volleyball Victoria

By registering with MBVA it enables: 

  • You to participate in Vic Beach Ranking Sessions, Republica and other events e.g. National Beach Series (must have full/U19 Volleyball Victoria & MBVA membership type for national events)
  • You to be covered by National Volleyball Insurance provided via Volleyball Victoria.
  • You to have access to Volleyball Victoria Team Pass
  • MBVA to improve the beach volleyball experience – purchase of poles, nets, marquees, set up courts at other beaches, sponsorship; provide fruit for players at ranking events
  • MBVA to sponsor and provide prize money for a ranking event