Republica Beach Volleyball

Just the basics!

  • We are here every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Arrive at 6pm, play until sunset (8/8:30pm) and then head into Republica to have a beer and share a pizza with your team.
  • You can come along as a team of 4, a solo player or anything in between.
  • It's a very social mixed event, no prior experience is required.
  • We play 20 min games and each team gets a minimum of 3, but we always try to get you more.
  • Cost is $30pp or $25 for Students for all the beach volleyball and the beer and pizza!
  • Weekly registrations are made via email.
  • Send your details here to get onto the weekly email list.

Team or Solo *

Preferred night

Looking forward to seeing you here!



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